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Hotel Fonda Cal Blasi **


Carme's cuisine is made with local produce, but above all with ease, finesse and much much love.

We use seasonal products, so the selection of dishes is limited, but imaginative. Taste the pleasure of a moment of peace in the Hotel Fonda Cal Blasi, the best meal accompanied by wine and champagne from the DO Conca de Barberà!

It is necessary to pre-arrange dining services, because what we offer is homemade and market cooking.

We do not prepare lunchs, but in case of small groups
on weekdays you can check availability directly at
(+34) 977 83 13 36.
Or if what you want is a medieval meal, we can also arrange you.

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Tel.: (+34) 977 86 13 36 | Fax. (+34) 977 86 13 29
C\ Alenyà, 11 - 43400 Montblanc (Tarragona)